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Christopher How

Christopher How is a digital marketing specialist helping organisations complement their business strategies with digital marketing techniques since 2006.Christopher holds a bachelor degree in Management and Marketing from Curtin University of Technology. Currently working in Experian as Digital Marketing Manager – Asia Pacific, Christopher manages the end to end digital marketing from generating leads to converting them into contacts for the sales team. He is involved in proposing and implementing digital marketing solutions that improve marketing efforts and processes for businesses.

Digital Marketing

Internet trends are evolving rapidly with new technology and user behaviours. Are you keeping yourself ahead of the curve? Read about my thoughts and rants about the latest technology and trends on my blog.
  • Make a phone call for free by listening to an advertisement

    VoIP services has been around for many years with major players like Skype and Viber leading the pack. The concept is relatively simple. VoIP service providers generally offer a cheaper calling rate compared to what your carrier is charging you for, and if the person you are making the call to is... Read more

  • Cord cutting and the impending death of linear television

    In early 2013, I made the choice of buying an Android TV stick. Essentially it’s a Android-powered device that’s the size of a thumb drive that connects to my television through a HDMI port. For less than 100 dollars, my 5-year old plasma television transformed into a smart TV. I was... Read more

  • Personalised shopping – How data is changing the way men shop online

    It all started when my journalist friends wrote an article about a new local startup called Tate & Tonic and their personalised styling service. Tate & Tonic’s personalised styling service is a different approach to the usual online shopping that we use today. What is personalised... Read more

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