6 useful tips to create a powerful and engaging webinar

By Christopher How | Business

Mar 24

In my years of working in the field of digital marketing, I have helped to organize may webinars for organizations. My role in these webinars often involves setting up the equipment for the webinar, training the presenters and moderators on how to use webinar softwares, facilitating the event organizing mechanism to get attendees signed up, etc.

I have my fair share of seeing a few webinars go terribly wrong and the rest receiving raving reviews from the attendees. After every webinar, I would make notes on what could be improved so that the next webinar will always be better.

To help you create a great webinar, here are some tips on how you can create a powerful impact in your webinars.

Tip 1: Choose the right equipment and facilities

Having the right equipment and facilities increases the chances of you having a smooth webinar by 50%. From my experience, if the room where you will be conducting your webinar is too small, your voice bounces off the wall very easily and that generates echoes in your presentation. You should also buy a decent headset for the presentation, preferably one that connects to your laptop through USB for quality digital sound.

Tip 2: Getting used to your webinar tool

Many great speakers fail to create a great experience in their first webinars because they are not familiar with their webinar tool. They just start the webinar without testing the tool beforehand. They make mistakes such as unknowingly muting their microphones, forgetting to share their slides with the presenters, speaking ahead of time before the next slide is loaded on their attendees’ screen.

These are mistakes that can be avoided if they made the effort to schedule an hour or two ahead of the webinar to practise using the webinar tool.

Tip 3: Prepare a script for your opening and closing remarks

For your opening remarks, you can have a welcome message for your attendees with a brief introduction of yourself as the presenter. You can also include troubleshooting instructions and some webinar house rules in your opening remarks so that attendees know how and when to ask questions.

As for your ending remarks, think about what are the key points you want your attendees to take away from your session. Pen them down and prepare a script for your closing remarks to ensure that these key points are delivered in the shortest and simplest way possible. These would be the final piece of information that is going to resonate with your attendees after your webinar.

Tip 4: Going unscripted for the body of your webinar

After getting the opening remarks out of the way, I recommend presenters to go unscripted for the rest of the presentation. The reason is simple. Reading through a script for an entire presentation usually creates a monotonous atmosphere without any feeling and impact. Attendees get bored easily and they will leave the webinar. What you can do is to create quick notes of the key points you want to mention in each slide. While presenting unscripted, ensure that these key points are mentioned.

Tip 5: Engage with your attendees to create interaction

Make use of features in your webinar tool such as highlighter, pen marker, poll survey, etc. that allows you to engage your attendees during the webinar. This allows 2-way communication between your attendees and you, making the webinar more engaging and entertaining. Remember to practise using those features during rehearsals so that you don’t encounter any trouble during the webinar.

Tip 6: Create a support guide

You wouldn’t want to create a scenario where attendees are emailing or call you regarding troubleshooting issues when they cannot access your webinar. I know that because neither would I. That’s why it is important to prepare a guide and some FAQs in advance so that your attendees can refer to them if they encounter any problems attending your webinar.

Do you have any webinar tips to share? Please share them in the comments below.

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