Oct 30

Infographic: Social media statistics in Singapore H1 2011

By Christopher How | Digital Marketing

We all know that Singapore has a high Internet penetration rate and very often, it’s not easy to produce figures and statistics to top management to convince them to allocate a larger percentage of their marketing budget to digital marketing. Interestingly, Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific, the leading consultancy for organizations communicating in Asia-Pacific and internationally, produced an infographics […]

Mar 24

6 useful tips to create a powerful and engaging webinar

By Christopher How | Business

In my years of working in the field of digital marketing, I have helped to organize may webinars for organizations. My role in these webinars often involves setting up the equipment for the webinar, training the presenters and moderators on how to use webinar softwares, facilitating the event organizing mechanism to get attendees signed up, […]

Mar 20

How to segmenting your mailing list effectively

By Christopher How | Business

If you have attended a few Internet Marketing seminars and workshops, you would have realize that most, if not all of the speakers and trainers always emphasize on one thing, List Building. They will tell you that in order to make money in Internet Marketing, you must build your own mailing list. In fact, most […]

Mar 11

Is social media a one-person job?

By Christopher How | Business

A friend of mine, Charles posted on his Facebook status asking, “Is social media a PR job? Or CS job? Or marketing job? Or CRM job? Or sales job? Or is it even a web job? It comprises all actually!” This comment got me thinking… “So if social media comprises of so many aspects of […]