Apr 11

Does your organisation need a community manager?

By Christopher How | Business

Community managers manages the community of audience that the organisation’s product and services is marketing to. Connie Benson defines Community Manager as the voice of the company externally and the voice of the customers internally. The value lies in the community manager serving as a hub & having the ability to personally connect with the […]

Apr 08

How blogging can help internal communications in an organisation

By Christopher How | Business

Internal communications refer to both formal and informal communications that an organisation makes to its stakeholders, essentially direct and indirect employees and/or members. Traditional internal communication representatives usually use formal communication methods such as emails and Intranet articles to update stakeholders. The information is often one-way from the management to employees and there’s usually very […]

Apr 04

Use your press releases as digital marketing tools

By Christopher How | Business

Sending your press release to traditional media agencies is simple. You email it to them, and they decide whether to write an article about you based on the press release. To be sure they write about it, you can choose to pay to sponsor a particular advertisement  section. That’s probably the furtherest any traditional public […]