Is social media a one-person job?

By Christopher How | Business

Mar 11

A friend of mine, Charles posted on his Facebook status asking, “Is social media a PR job? Or CS job? Or marketing job? Or CRM job? Or sales job? Or is it even a web job? It comprises all actually!”

This comment got me thinking… “So if social media comprises of so many aspects of a business, is everyone responsible for social media? Or do you hire someone to have a hand in each aspect of the business and manage social media?”

In my opinion, I do not recommend allocating a headcount just to blog, update Facebook fan page and tweet the entire day. Instead, every company should have their own digital marketing team to manage their online marketing strategies. The digital marketing team would then train the various business lines on how to integrate social media into their workflow and educate them on how to use social media to reach a wider audience.

The digital marketing team should focus on keeping themselves up to date with the latest technologies that can benefit the business, as well as advise business lines on what technologies they can use to achieve the objectives of their projects.

Digital marketing teams should also be able to help companies improve their business processes by replacing old technologies with new ones. For example, by replacing survey software with online survey applications allows businesses to extend the usage from local marketing representatives to also regional or even global marketing representatives without incurring expensive software licenses.

How do you think businesses should manage social media? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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Christopher How is a digital marketing specialist helping organisations complement their business strategies with digital marketing techniques since 2006. Currently working in Philips Lighting as Senior Digital Marketing Manager (ASEAN Pacific), Christopher manages the end to end digital marketing from generating leads to converting them into contacts for the sales team. He is also involved in proposing and implementing digital marketing solutions that improve marketing efforts and processes for businesses.

Charles Lau March 14, 2011

Thanks for mentioning. 🙂
I think this is a discipline of its own which requires a full time person to work on. He should be called the social media manager who handles feedback and writes on blog..

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