Tips for choosing your online storage in the cloud

By Christopher How | Productivity

Apr 02

In the fast moving world of business, storing files in portable hard disks and thumb drives is no longer sufficient as we are sharing files with clients from various locations across the globe. People are turning to cloud-based storage so that access to files is no longer limited to physical memory devices. Here are some tips for choosing the right online storage in the cloud.

Choose the right online storage based on type of files you are storing

For photographers who want to upload photos to share with their clients, consider Google Picasa Web Albums because it allows you to upload photos into albums and share them easily. For business executives are are mostly sharing Word and Excel documents, consider the use of Google Docs because not only can you share documents easily with colleagues and clients, you can also edit them online.

Online storage for collaboration

If you are going to have co-workers working with you on projects, there’s a need to ensure that all modified files are synchronized so that everyone is working on the latest version. In that case, you may want to consider more sophisticated online storage. The guys from Dropbox and SugarSync do a pretty good job on this. Both applications synchronizes your files automatically as soon as you have updated them. This ensures that both you and your co-workers are working on the latest file every time.

Ensure that the online storage is accessible with all your devices

With the technology ever changing, more and more people are accessing data using their laptops, mobile phones, etc. If you would like to access your online storage data with your mobile phone for example, it is important to check if the online storage has the available app to support your phone.

Have any tips for choosing an online storage in the cloud? Share them in the comments.

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