Understanding lead generation and how it works online

By Christopher How | Business

Nov 28

If you are given a budget to help a company build an online lead generation strategy, what would you be spending most of the money on?

That’s probably the biggest question in your mind right now, especially with the wide variety of tools available at your disposal. Should you be running search engine marketing campaigns? Build a Facebook fan page? Create a company LinkedIn page?

Webmarketing123 has published a digital marketing report based on a survey of over 500 marketing professionals from both B2B and B2C. I’m sharing the infographic that they created based on the survey results.

Have you achieved success in building an online lead generation strategy? Please share them with meĀ in the comments below.

About the Author

Christopher How is a digital marketing specialist helping organisations complement their business strategies with digital marketing techniques since 2006. Currently working in Philips Lighting as Senior Digital Marketing Manager (ASEAN Pacific), Christopher manages the end to end digital marketing from generating leads to converting them into contacts for the sales team. He is also involved in proposing and implementing digital marketing solutions that improve marketing efforts and processes for businesses.