Hello there!

I’m Christopher How and I help businesses grow efficiently with marketing technology.

My Origin Story

For over 15 years, I helped strategise and implement digital marketing campaigns and MarTech solutions for businesses across different industries.

But, I burned out and lacked focus.

I decided to quit my high-paying job to take a career break, and redesign how I wanted to live my life and perform meaningful work with more intention.

Now, I am a solopreneur, helping marketers and business leaders grow and scale their business efficiently with marketing technology.

When I’m not working, I love to travel and explore new places and cultures.

I write about five topics to help you grow and scale your business.



Explore essential business principles and leadership strategies through the lens of MarTech. Uncover market trends for actionable insights that align with technology-driven growth in today’s business landscape.



Dive into MarTech-infused branding strategies. Explore the art and science of brand development, incorporating technology-driven approaches to enhance storytelling, design, and create lasting connections with your audience.


Digital Marketing

Navigate the dynamic realm of MarTech-driven digital marketing. Stay updated on the latest trends and best practices, exploring case studies and guides to leverage technology for effective campaigns across digital platforms.



Discover the MarTech-driven efficiency of automation in business processes. Stay informed on cutting-edge trends and tools, optimising your organization with technology to facilitate strategic decision-making and streamlined operations.


Marketing Technology

Explore the evolving landscape where marketing meets technology. Uncover innovative MarTech solutions and expert insights that amplify marketing efforts, from customer engagement to advanced analytics, ensuring a technologically optimised approach.

I’ll help you simplify the complexities of MarTech.

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