Boost Your Creative Workflow with Leonardo AI’s Character Reference

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In last week’s issue, we dive deeper into last week’s conversation where we explored why subscription-based MarTech solutions trump custom-built tools, highlighting their lower costs, flexibility, and scalability. This week, let’s dive deeper into this topic with a spotlight on who has recently announced its latest updates, particularly its groundbreaking character reference feature.

At a glance

  • Leonardo AI: Transforming digital creativity with Character Reference image generation
  • Reasons why the Character Reference feature is a game-changer for designers
  • Actionable steps to integrate Leonardo AI into your design workflow

Leonardo AI: Transforming Digital Creativity with Character Reference Image Generation

Leonardo AI exemplifies how subscription-based MarTech solutions can revolutionise your business operations. With its recent updates, Leonardo AI has set a new standard in digital artistry, particularly with its enhanced character reference capabilities. Leonardo AI’s new Character Reference feature allows users to generate images that maintain the likeness of a subject from a reference image. This is particularly useful for projects where character consistency is crucial, such as in digital marketing campaigns, brand storytelling, and content creation.

Here’s how it works:

  • Upload and adjust: Users can upload a reference image and adjust the strength settings to influence how closely the generated image matches the reference.
  • Optimised models: This feature works best with certain models like the Anime XL model, ensuring high-quality outputs.
  • Detailed descriptions: Providing detailed descriptions in the prompt further enhances the accuracy of the generated character images.

Reasons Why the Character Reference Feature is a Game-Changer for Designers

Advantage #1: Consistency in Branding

One of the biggest challenges in graphic design and illustrations is maintaining character consistency across various media. Whether it’s for marketing materials, social media campaigns, or product packaging, having a consistent character helps in building a strong brand identity. Many designers who use AI for their work tried to get around this by coming up with different ways to prompt AI tools like Midjourney to try to generate consistent characters. Leonardo AI’s Character Reference feature makes it a lot easier for designers to ensure that characters look the same across different projects, preserving the visual coherence of your brand.

Advantage #2: Efficiency and Time-Saving

Creating a new character or maintaining the same character look can be incredibly time-consuming. Traditionally, artists would spend countless hours ensuring every detail matches previous iterations. It is also less interesting for designers to keep drawing the same character in different actions or scenes. With the Character Reference feature, this process becomes significantly faster and more efficient, allowing artists to focus more on creative aspects rather than repetitive adjustments.

Actionable Steps to Integrate Leonardo AI into Your Design Workflow

Step #1: Start Small

Begin with a basic subscription to familiarise yourself and your team with Leonardo AI’s tools. Use the character reference feature to enhance your current projects and gauge its impact to your marketing needs. Discuss with your team to gather feedback about their experience with the tool and whether there is a need to bring in an expert to train the team.

Step #2: Experiment and Scale

Experiment with new projects instead of existing ones to create characters afresh so that you are not limited by existing designs and processes. As you grow more comfortable, experiment with different ControlNet options. Try Depth-to-Image for your immersive content needs or Pose-to-Image for dynamic character positioning. Scale your subscription based on your evolving requirements and design demands.

Step #3: Stay Updated

Keep an eye on’s updates. Regularly check their announcements to leverage new features and improvements, ensuring your marketing strategy remains at the forefront of technology.

That’s all for today

Leonardo AI’s Character Reference feature is a game-changer for illustrations and graphic design. It offers consistency, efficiency, high-quality output, and versatility, making it an invaluable tool for designers looking to streamline their workflow and enhance their creative projects.

For business leaders looking to stay competitive, adopting subscription-based MarTech solutions like Leonardo AI is a strategic move. It ensures you always have access to cutting-edge tools and innovations, keeping your operations efficient and ahead of the curve.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed today’s issue.

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