Why hire a Fractional MarTech Lead

What is a Fractional MarTech Lead?

Fractional MarTech leads are a fully qualified professionals who work on a part-time or project basis for one or more companies. They can play a pivotal role in steering your organization’s marketing technology strategy and initiatives.

By offering fractional services, these experts provide a cost-effective solution, allowing your business to benefit from specialised MarTech leadership without the commitment of a full-time role. You will also gain from their cross-industry experience and perspective.

Who works with us

Hire a MarTech Lead at a Fraction of the Cost

You have a marketing team and are ready to execute, but you need a MarTech leader to lead the team, enhance efficiency, improve workflows, or make informed decisions on technology adoption.

You need to scale

The business is scaling up and you need an experienced MarTech lead to create the right structure and processes for the business to scale efficiently..

You have a team to execute

You have the team in place, but lack a experienced leader to strategise and lead the team to start delivering business outcomes.

Need MarTech knowledge at a lower cost

You need to upgrade your MarTech stack but do not have the knowledge and cannot afford to hire a full-time MarTech lead to take care of this.

Suffering from analysis paralysis

You need to evaluate and choose a SaaS solution but can’t make sense of the technical jargons and do not know which solution is most suitable.

Projects aren’t profitable or take too long

Some MarTech projects are way overdue but are simply not moving and you need an experienced MarTech lead to drive the project towards completion.

What You Need To Know

When Should You Hire a Fractional MarTech Lead

Here is a list of criteria you need in place before you hire a fractional MarTech Lead

“Working with Christopher is a breeze as he is one with the ability to see things and in return, articulate them in 360-digital-perspectives to get the full team’s buy-in.”

Sandra Teh, Philips Lighting Singapore
How It Works

When You Hire Me As Your Fractional Martech Lead

Here’s an overview of what happens when you hire me as a fractional MarTech Lead in your team. We’ve honed our process over the years to provide maximum value in a clearly defined and structured process.

Book a no-obligation call with us to discuss the value I can bring to your business if you hire me as your fractional MarTech Lead.

Phase 1

Preparation and Planning

Upon engagement as your fractional MarTech lead, I’ll initiate a strategic onboarding process. This involves immersing myself in your business, getting acquainted with key team members, and comprehensively understanding your current marketing landscape. We will collaboratively develop a roadmap aligned with your objectives.

Phase 2

Onboarding and Strategic Collaboration

With the strategic plan in place, I’ll proactively lead the implementation of targeted marketing technology initiatives with the support of your team. Throughout the process, I’ll closely monitor progress, address any challenges, and ensure seamless integration. This phase is characterized by hands-on involvement and continual refinement based on real-time feedback.

Phase 3

Implementation, Monitoring, and Review

Post-implementation, we’ll conduct thorough reviews to assess the impact of the strategies. I’ll work closely with your team to analyze results, identify areas for optimization, and refine the approach as needed. This phase is integral to ensuring sustained alignment with your evolving business goals.

Phase 4

Handover and Continuity

As our collaboration matures, I’ll plan for a comprehensive handover, documenting processes and insights for seamless continuity. This includes outlining ongoing support requirements and establishing a framework for continuous improvement. Your team will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for sustained success in the post-engagement period.

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Elevate Your Marketing Tech with Precision

Ready to elevate your marketing technology game? Schedule a call to discuss your challenges and goals, and let’s craft a tailored strategy where I can best deliver value to your business as a fractional MarTech Lead.

“Chris can make your jaw drop from watching how he gentle yet firm he can be when he tackles issues.

He has the gift of being able to open and hold difficult conversations in an incredibly comfortable manner for everyone involved.”

Lyanne Li Yuan, Circles Life

“Christopher has been a trust worthy partner. He is capable and reliable in managing priorities well for various APAC initiatives.

Especially in the field of marketing automation, he is one of the very distinctive consultant.”

Chew Kar Joon, MSD Singapore